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Out Sourcing

SVR Synergy IT Professional Services Pvt. Ltd. gives Outsourcing services for little to fair sized organizations so you can concentrate on what your organization does best. We offer domestic and international placements in all industries and in all disciplines.

Our administrations help organizations contain HR expenses, minimize business related dangers, and reduces the authoritative weight of HR. With any little business it’s the easily overlooked details that matter, at SVR Synergy IT Professional Services Pvt. Ltd. we can bolster all of you the route with top notch outsourcing of your HR procedures permitting you to focus on building or maintaining your business safe in the learning you have specialists available to guide you through the minefield of current enactment.

We have Consultants with extensive accounting knowledge – in a variety of industries and have multiple delivery centres for Business Continuity and Attrition Management as well Diverse Resource Pool – providing end-to-end accounting services.

  • Employee Engagement Activities -

    We offer various employee engagement activities for your most important assets – your employees. We offer a range of employee engagement activities to boost the morale of your workforce.

    Specialist staffing needs may be handled more effectively by outsourcing the full employment function to SVR Synergy IT Professional Services Pvt. Ltd.. In cases like these, the staff member is taken onto our payroll while working on the clients premises and all labour relations requirements for the outsourced staff member are handled by SVR Synergy IT Professional Services Pvt. Ltd..

  • HR Outsourcing Services -
  • HR Outsourcing solutions give companies a single resource dedicated to managing every facet of their human resource functions, allowing them to focus on their core functions.

  • Payroll Outsourcing -
  • Our Payroll Outsourcing services is a full-fledged payroll solution that reduces processing costs while ensuring accurate, streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll needs.

  • Statutory Compliance’s Outsourcing -
  • Our Statutory and Compliance Outsourcing solutions, equipped with world class support and we will ensure that your organization is compliant with all employee-related compliance requirements.

  • HR Policies Outsourcing -
  • HR Global developed many Human Resource Policies and Procedures for various clients understanding their statutory obligations and the use of best practice policies are crucial to effective people management and development.

  • HR Department Set Up -
  • As your business grows, you will have the need to hire additional staff in order to get the job done. Your priority should be to build a human resources department that will manage employee data and needs.