Server Management

A Qualified Administrator is of no less importance as a quality hardware or reliable software.

Server Management

SVR Synergy IT Professional Services Pvt. Ltd. gives continuous and situation centred server management preparing. Our windows server management course incorporates essential to cutting edge level and our server management course is intended to get the position in great MNC organizations as fast as once you finish the server management confirmation instructional class.

What so ever the Server i.e. Windows Servers, UNIX Servers, Oracle DBA Servers, SQL DBA Servers, Web Logics Servers and Web Sphere Servers, we are here to offer support for their management. Our server management coaches are windows server management confirmed specialists and vast experienced working experts with hands on constant various Server.

We are able to offer support for all of your servers – from the latest servers to end-of-life that Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) themselves no longer offer maintenance for. Our expert team of trained engineers are familiar with the entire range for any kind of customer at any area either On Shore or Off Shore.

We offer coverage of all your equipment, including legacy equipment which is no longer officially supported by the OEM, supported by our dedicated engineers who have extensive experience with server support.

We have outlined our server management course substance and syllabus in light of under studies necessity to accomplish everybodys profession objective